Online Marketing

Evantu IT & Web Solutions is a specialist website design and development company

Evantu IT & Web Solutions services include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SES (Search Engine Submission).

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

SEO is the optimization of your website with elements such as title, description and keyword tags which help your website achieve higher rankings in the search engines. ‘SEO’ means finding ways to increase your website’s appearance in web visitors’ search results. This generally means more traffic to your website.

We design websites to modern web standards. Doing this will ensure that search engines can find and process your website easily.

We optimize website pages by making sure top keywords appear in title, meta tags and content. Carefully crafted page titles and meta tags can really help boost click through to your website and drive visitors.

We help to ensure that your content is written in a friendly way that your readers will understand.

We make sure your website is tested for good load time, dead links and cross-browser compatibility.

We design websites that look attractive and that are easy to use with clear navigation and easy to read layout and fonts. This is especially useful for directories as manual approval is required for them.

We help our clients to provide quality content that have something unique to offer and that have keywords or key phrases people might search to find your website. Great unique content is the basis for SEO. You need to make people want to share your content and ensure that it is top quality content.

Evantu IT & Web Solutions provides social media support across many platforms

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.
This involves allowing individual followers to ‘retweet’ or ‘repost’ comments made by the product / business being promoted. By repeating the message, all of the users connections are able to see the message, therefore reaching more people.

We provide social media support across many platforms. We set up accounts for you such as Twitter, Google +, Facebook Business Page, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn and also train you on the strategies you need to succeed with these social media channels for your business.

Evantu IT & Web Solutions specializes in professional social media branding and marketing strategies that are affordable and effective for small business owners.
We will not only help you manage your social media activity but also provide you with an on-going supply of high quality content to attract new followers and drive them into your sales funnel.​

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We have the experience and skills to create a website that works for you. We promise to deliver your website on time as we have a highly talented team with vast experience.

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